Friday, March 03, 2006

Junk in the Trunk

Meg's blog had a link to this store for babies online, and I ran across this onesie, it's awesome!

I can't believe it's March!

Wendy and I are starting to feel a bit settled with Chloe. The toughest thing to adjustment is the drastic change in our sleeping schedules.

We are lucky if Chloe sleeps 4 hours in between feedings during the night, more often she will go about 2-3 hours in between feedings, so that's a lot of waking up. It's toughest for Wendy since she has to do the actual feeding, I will typically get up and make sure they get whatever they need (diaper change, a glass of water, words of encouragement or a kiss) and stumble back to bed.

Aside from that things are going well, Chloe is getting bigger every day, and seems to becoming more aware of her surroundings as well as making a wider variety of noises and funnier faces.

Next Tuesday she'll be a month old!

Here's a funny picture of her sleeping from the other day. Yes, she was really sleeping with her hands sticking straight up in the air! There's more of her in the gallery.