Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Day!

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us.

Wendy's Mom is coming over tomorrow night.
We pick up my cousin Daniel at USD early Thursday morning.
Drive to Los Angeles/Glendale. Meet my Aunt along the way (probably around Anaheim) to pass off Daniel.
Hang out with my family who will be spending the weekend in SoCal. Daniel and his parents will meet us in Glendale in the afternoon for Turkey.
Send Wen and her Mom back to SD on Thursday evening.
Hang out with family Friday.
Drive to SD with Family Friday night.
Miss Kathy and Jarrod who will be in town Friday.
Hang out with family more Saturday.
Send parents off to LA Saturday late afternoon who will drive back to Mountain View Sunday.
Visit Tristan's parents in Temecula/Murietta Sunday (I think!).

Whew! Anyone else have a lot planned for Thanksgiving weekend?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, it must be a...

For the past couple months, we would occasionally get woken up by the pitter pattering, scratching rats running around in the walls of our condo.

We had the pest company come by and try to catch/kill or otherwise keep the rat out of our walls, but after a month, multiple visits, climbing in the attic and multiple rat traps located around the exterior of our building, the rats continued to show up.

At least the scratching provided for hours of entertainment for our cat Emmy who would jump into the bathtub and listen to the rat scurrying around behind the walls.

Last week we had some contractors working up in the attic replacing damaged rafters which had been eaten away by our other pests, termites. Later that night, we noticed an aweful stench when walking under our attic access hole.

The contractors mentioned that they had seen some rat poop in the attic, so I figured that the rat must have died and was now crawled into some cranny and was now rotting away to the dismay of my nose.

So I crawled up there and started sniffing around, trying to isolate the source of the stench. I was having some problems finding it, so I asked my friend Scotty to climb up and help.

As soon as he stuck his head up and turned his head, he nearly fell down the ladder after catching a particularly nasty sniff. I ripped up a board and found it, put it in 3 plastic bags and threw it away.

I hope no more rats decide to die in the attic!

Number of the Day: 9

Went to one of my favorite eateries on Friday with Wen and our friend Scotty, Chipotle.

Last time we went there, we tried to figure out how many bites it would take to finish one. So we had a little contest to figure out what that number is. In case you haven't figured it out yet, that number is 9.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chloe in 3D

Yesterday Wen and I went to get 4D ultrasound (3d movies) pictures taken of Chloe, she is so cute!

Wen has more pics up on her blog. Less than 3 months to go before Chloe is born!